What Makes Us Different

Customised financial support

OFM Solutions provide a full-suite accounting, compliance, financial management and reporting solutions to high growth technology companies. 

We are the trusted accounting and financial services partner for many of Ireland’s top technology companies and provide scalable solutions to finance issues that adapt as our client’s business requirements change.

By using OFM Solutions, our clients are able to focus on the core aspects of their business whilst receiving professional accounting and financial management support.

Expert Management for your company's finances

Multi-Functional Team of Experts

OFM have an extensive team of 20+ personnel that allow us provide task specific resources

Quick and Effective Outsourced Finance

OFM operate as your finance team as a ‘bolt onto’ your organisation

Focus on Technology

OFM have a deep knowledge of the specific demands of finance for technology companies and have solutions

The Flexible and Cost Effective Solution

By using OFM, your finance function is the size that it needs to be and as your company grows and finance requirements become more complex, OFM are able to scale our offering

Comprehensive Financial Services

Our clients tell us that they receive most benefit when we tailor a package of services that meet their needs in some or all of the following areas;

Financial Management

Clear, concise and timely management accounting and financial reporting to founders, management, and shareholders. Effective Board reporting.

Accounting and Tax

The provision of an end-to-end accounting ledger and bookkeeping management services on a best of breed accounting system (we use Sage, Xero, AccountsIQ,…).


Revenue filings (VAT, P30, RSS) performed in an efficient & timely manner. Financial statement preparation, Annual Return preparation and filing with CRO


Informal advice from experienced finance people across a wide range of topics. We have come across many of the issues technology companies face and know how they can be best handled.